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Have you dreamt about being able to eat with no limitations or restrictions and still feel fit and beautiful? Is it your dream to get fit, learn healthy eating habits, and run a short race or maybe even a marathon? Do you want to be happy and serve as a role model for your kids? Or are you just finally ready to make the changes you’ve wanted for so long?
Are you at a point in your life that looks nothing like this dream? I know that finding the time for healthy eating, exercising, meditating, and reflecting on your goals is difficult. I know that being able to set boundaries in your life so you can show love to yourself might feel impossible, but let me tell you, THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!
As a sport and healthy lifestyle coach, I utilize science as well as my own experiences with dieting and exercise to help YOU live a healthy, fit, balanced and unlimited lifestyle. As a motivational coach, I can guide YOU through your personal transformation and help YOU find your inner strength, self-confidence and self-love. I want to be here for YOU on every step of your path to awesomeness. I will take care of making the nutrition and training plans for you. I will help YOU set your goals and find the motivation to stay driven and consistent so you can achieve them. I will be here for YOU so you can become limitless.
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Meet Your ‘beYOUtiful’ Coach

Izabela Chrobak

PhD in Molecular Biology and Medicine of the Lung
MSc in Molecular and Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology
NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS)
NPC Figure Competitor
Obstacle and Trail Races Runner
I am an athlete, a figure competitor, a race runner, a personal trainer, a nutrition specialist and a molecular biologist. Most importantly, I am a beYOUtiful woman, just like YOU!!
After several years of living with a hormonal condition called PCOS and struggling with serious depression, eating disorder and job burnout syndrome, I ended up having a heart attack at age of 31. My health issues eventually taught me a lesson: I needed to change my lifestyle. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and dealing with life-long anemia, migraines, and the yo-yo effects of constantly losing and regaining weight. I became frustrated with my life and my bad habits, and I knew I wanted to live a different - healthy, fit, and balanced - lifestyle. I just didn’t know if that kind of life even existed. Like many of US, I didn’t know how to start such a huge transformation so I decided to hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help me get started. They showed me how to use the gym as efficiently as possible to reach my fitness goals, and they helped me fix my bad eating habits. It was the best decision I have ever made. Without coaches I would have never been able to change my life so drastically..
I live by my motto: “Motivation-Dedication-Strength-Beauty”.
With no bodybuilding background at all and only ten months of training, I placed second at the National Physique Committee’s (NPC) National Qualifier Contest in San Diego (August 2014). With no additional running background as well and only 3 months of preparation, I finished a ten-mile obstacle course known as a Spartan race. Fitness activities are now a major part of my lifestyle, and now I am a Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Ambassador. In fact, I became a National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist in order to better understand the lifestyle I am living. Moreover, my educational background allows me to understand the human body from a perspective that takes into account biochemistry, genetics, anatomy and physiology, as well as psychology. The most important lessons I have learned are to be self-aware, listen to my own body and mind, live for my dreams, and appreciate everything I have.
With such extensive experience and a scientific background, I know I can help YOU accomplish your goals and do things you never imagined yourself doing. I’ve got your back, beYOUtiful!!!
Being a woman is a wonderful thing that each of YOU deserve to feel. It means having the ability to smile when you want to cry, sing when you want to scream, laugh when you are afraid and serve others when you are in pain. Being a woman means fighting for what you believe in. Being a beYOUtiful woman is to be loving, caring, happy and joyful. A powerful woman is limitless, passionate, determined and authentic, and that is exactly what YOU are! I believe in you before you even believe in yourself!!!
My mission is to bring to light every great aspect of being A WOMAN. My mission is to motivate and inspire YOU to reach your inner strength and potential. I believe that every beYOUtiful woman is a bottomless source of powerful energy.

Coaching Services

During our coaching sessions, we will find what works best for you and your lifestyle. We will discover your preferences and what motivates you to be accountable, consistent and balanced for the rest of your life. I want to help you gain the self-confidence, motivation and willpower that will make you feel happy, inspired, strong, and beautiful. I want to help YOU make a lifelong change and become beYOUtiful.

Nutrition and Food Discipline

Personalized meal plan and nutritional supplementations

My methods are strictly individualized. I will conduct a thorough interview with each of you to gain an understanding of any dysfunctions, allergies or imbalances in your body. My medical background and post-graduate education in human metabolism in addition to my personal experience with various health issues allows me to help people with hormonal imbalances, gastric dysfunctions, diabetes, cardiac problems, and much more. I use healthy nutrition plans to help you feel better and more energetic. I believe the way we feed our bodies will dictate our longevity. I want my clients to be flexible, comfortable and live to their full potential with the plan they receive. No limitations, no cravings, no starvation, no binging and no late night eating!!!

Personal Training

Activity plans to fit your lifestyle

The exercise programs I design are based on a scientific approach as well as on many years of experience playing and competing in sports such as soccer, volleyball, karate, judo, bodybuilding, and running. My exercise plans can fit any lifestyle. I will never force you to get an expensive gym membership or spend 3 hours on the treadmill. If you are a stay-at-home parent, I’ve got your back! If you’re a gym rat, I’ve got your back, too! My plans will make you feel accomplished and motivated, and I will make sure you don’t fall off the wagon!

Progress Tracking

Progress Pics and Measurements

During our coaching you will measure your progress right when you wake up in the morning. You will step on a scale and measure your body circumferences with a tape measure. You will also submit a photo to track your progress visually. This way, we will always have objective data togoon– not just opinions. We’ll periodically compare photos of where you are now to where you started.

Support & Accountability

beYOUtiful community

Mentorship, support, and accountability mixed with expertise in nutrition and fitness are crucial to helping you achieve your goals. The fact is, you’re not alone – you’re surrounded by people in the same boat as you, and I am on your team. I believe in your ability to make real changes, and I want to help you gain the confidence to stay motivated in the long-run.

One-on-one coaching

Laser-focused sessions

I coach in one-on-one sessions to give you the full attention you deserve. I am not the type of personal trainer who only cares about your progress when I see you. I will support you all the time. Whether you need help with healthy cooking, smart shopping, getting your friends and family on board, or you want some strategies for managing daily routines and exercise tips, I am here to help you.

Self-awareness and mindfulness

Self-love and self-confidence

The ultimate goal of any fitness journey is to become more mindful and self-aware. While getting in shape is important, it is even more crucial to accept ourselves the way we are NOW. We need to recognize and reward ourselves for every small achievement along the way. This is your journey. Live every moment of it, and congratulate yourself for every single step and achievement. Love yourself!

Group coaching

Full support from the group

The community created by beYOUtiful is a wonderful resource to help you stay motivated, positive and empowered by support system we create. The secret group is a place where we can lift each other up and share our good and bad experiences, our progress and daily news.

Customized Services

I am excited to be a part of your journey and to see you become limitless, powerful and aware of your own potential by becoming fitter, healthier and beYOUtiful. I am here to help you commit to yourself. I am here to show you how powerful you are, even though you don’t know that yet!

One-on-one Full Service Coaching

Nutrition, Fitness and Motivation

A nutrition plan for anyone who wants to get lean, lose weight, eat healthy and achieve their goals

An exercise plan for anyone who wants to become fit, strong and energetic

Coaching, support and accountability to keep you on track and consistent

A coach who is certified in fitness nutrition, personal training and weight loss; a national fitness competitor and a doctor of biology, anatomy and physiology

Laser-focused coaching sessions twice a month

Private email, phone and web chat support to connect with your coach throughout the training period

Progress tracking via photos and body measurements to help you see your progress and get you motivated

Membership to a secret Facebook group where you can connect with other members of the beYOUtiful community to find motivation and stay on course!

Results are 100% guaranteed

One-on-one Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Service

Detailed nutritional instructions to get you eating the right way

Coaching, support and accountability to keep you on track and consistent

A coach who is certified in fitness nutrition, personal training and weight loss

One-hour personal sessions once a month

Private email, phone and web chat support to connect with your coach throughout the training period

Membership to a secret Facebook group where you can connect with other members of the beYOUtiful community to find motivation and to stay on course!

Results 100% guaranteed

Full Service Coaching for Groups

Fitness, Training and Accountability Coaching

A nutrition plan for anyone who wants to become lean, lose weight, eat healthy and achieve their goals

An exercise plan for anyone who wants to become fit, strong and energetic

A coach who is certified in fitness nutrition, personal training and weight loss

Once a month laser-focused personal consultation

Online group chat and secret group membership to keep you accountable and motivated

Private email to connect with your coach

Results 100% guaranteed


I believe that motivation, dedication, strength and beauty are the deepest and most empowering features of every beYOUtiful woman. The mission of the beYOUtiful company and community is to help you find those qualities within yourself.



Inspire you to MOTIVATE yourself and others around you.



Help you find the power of DEDICATIONo change your life and help those around you do the same.



Find unlimited sources of inner STRENGTH to live a balanced life.



Discover how it feels to be an amazing, beYOUtiful woman.


I have had the pleasure of working with Izabela for my nutrition. She works with you to obtain your goals, and is amazingly supportive! I have lost about 4 inches from my waist and 3.75 inches from my hips as well as gained more development in my back. She is a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about sharing it! She has taught me more about nutrition and how changes in your eating habits can make a great difference in achieving your goals. I love how she is so energetic and positive which is very infectious!

- RYANN FENIMORE, 36 (Albuquerque, NM)

I have known Izabela since high school, but we didn't have a chance to talk for a long time until I saw her profile and her new lifestyle change. I am a busy and active mother of 3. Like many moms I did not like my body after giving birth to my last child. I looked into the P90X program and was committed to completing it. It would not have helped me as much as it did if I didn’t have Izabela by my side as my nutritionist and, most importantly, a motivational and supportive friend and coach. She is genuine, honest, trustworthy and she does a great job ;-)

- EDYTA MRUGALA, 34 (Rockford, IL)

I was always a very tiny girl and never really had issues with my weight. Things changed after I became a mom of 2 at the age of 30. I did not gain much, but my skin did not look as shiny and soft. After getting in touch with Izabela, my body started to improve. I work in an office, sitting most of my day. Thanks to Izabela, now I know how to organize my day so I will always find 15-30 minutes for exercise. The good, healthy habits of eating on time and prepping my own food every day was extremely helpful not only for me, but also for my family. We all appreciate Izabela for changing our lifestyle. Now, I am a mindful owner of my own body.

- IWONA BEDNARCZYK, 33 (Edmonton, Canada)

Izabela is an amazing and professional personal trainer and nutritionist who increased my self-esteem, and made my life healthier and happier with an awesome physical plan. Her training plan is interdisciplinary, and it has a perfect mixture between physical, emotional and nutritive aspects.

- NASLY PATINO, 25 (Bogota, Colombia)

Izabela is truly an excellent trainer. Losing weight with her help was a pleasure. Thanks to her never-ending enthusiasm and great support, she motivated me to lose that extra 20 pounds and get my body ready for the upcoming beach season. Apart from the great training program, Izabela prepared a perfect diet plan just for me which allowed me to lose weight without any cravings or feeling hungry. Working with Izabela is the best thing you can do for your body!.



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